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Social Media Marketing & Digital Strategy


A website is a great marketing tool. It represents your business on the Internet and it’s one of the most important digital marketing channels you can use to get more traffic or make more sales.

Market Analysis

One of the most important stages of any marketing plan exists in the actual analysis of it. Besides being one of the most important, unfortunately this stage is also one of the most ignored by many business owners and marketing managers.

Website and marketing plan analysis is what will make or break the success of your overall marketing strategy. There is absolutely no way to tell if your website and marketing plan are giving you the highest possible return on your marketing investment. Yet, still many marketers continue to ignore this step as they may feel that their current plan is working “fine” or worse yet, they think they know how their marketing is performing without actually knowing the hard stats and numbers that are crucial to understanding the true performance.

Deep Marketing Strategy

Every business that wants to succeed online needs to have a clearly defined website marketing strategy. This is no longer optional but a ‘must-have’ for businesses who want to survive in the highly competitive online market.

Social media Strategy

What is website marketing?

Website marketing is the process of promoting your website on the Internet. It is one of the online marketing channels you can use as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. The main goal of a website marketing campaign is to get more visits to your website. A successful website marketing strategy should follow many essential steps:

  • Perform a website design review
  • Optimize the website for SEO
  • Create a content marketing plan
  • Optimize the website for social media
  • Promote the website on social media networks
  • Use paid Ads to reach more customers

Social Media Management

Simply put, it’s the process of managing a complete social media strategy. But social media management is a little more strategic. It involves more than just replying to tweets and comments. Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Social media strategy is concerned with the use of suitable social media platforms that work for your business to build awareness, generate leads and sales. Social media management is a practice that supports your digital marketing and social media strategies. It’s an important part of running an effective social media strategy because it explains how your brand will participate (think content publishing, rules of engagement with customers etc.) on social media platforms to generate results.

Social media plays an integral part in the business landscape. With 3.2 billion people using social media around the world, and 11 new users every second, it’s safe to say the fad has turned into a global standard. Social media management services can help you reach this huge audience and make running a social media campaign decidedly simpler.

Paid Ads Campaigns

Paid social media advertising is very different from traditional outbound advertising.

Big data and machine learning allows you to find, target, and reach your audience with ease. Each platform is designed to facilitate the goals of your business, such as brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and more.

You can even access the native analytics for insights into how to enhance the performance of your social media advertising campaign.

Every social media channel is different. Twitter offers short-form content, Instagram focuses heavily on visual-based content, Facebook has its own marketplace, and LinkedIn is the home of networking professionals.

As such, paid social media on each platform differs, and should, depending on the campaign and audience.

Whether you’re looking for reach, engagement, or sales – the case for advertising on social media marketing has never been stronger.

Here are seven benefits to using paid social media advertising for your small business:

  • Amplify your reach
  • Fit any budget
  • Enhance your targeting
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Maximize your content marketing
  • Gain access to mobile users
  • Gather market insights