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Al Mashahir is one of our first and proudest projects. With an aim to promote financial independence and initiative among talented and ambitious youth all over the Arab world, this blog publishes success stories of celebrities, mainly in business, investment, and marketing, as well as the achievements of creative people in fields such as architecture, arts, and culture in general. Al Mashahir also covers articles related to technology, telecommunications, science, etc.

Our dream was to push Al Mashahir message to reach target audiences in the Arab World. We engaged in an extensive marketing campaign following its inception, and we succeeded in achieving results with many keywords by publishing around 1000 SEO-compliant articles in approximately 6 months.

In order to boost the website pages and increase daily visits, we managed several advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook that allowed us to reach a peak of 30K visitors per day, with around 400K likers and followers on our Facebook Page and more than 20M reach on some posts.

We have created Al Mashahir Twitter account from scratch and we managed to attain 36k followers using the right hashtags and an organic marketing strategy. Similarly, we managed two Instagram Accounts for Al Mashahir.

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